Parking Regulations

  • Each apartment home is allowed two approved and permitted vehicles.
  • Commercial vehicles must be parked in designated parking area only.
  • Recreational vehicles, boats and trailers are not permitted on the property at any time.
  • Parking Permits/Hang Tags can be acquired from the Leasing Center.
  • Resident Hang Tag:
    • The parking lot in front of Building 2 and Building 3 as well as the upper lot of Building 1 are Resident Parking Only. Any car parked in one of the designated lots that does not clearly display a Tower’s at Wyncote hang tag will be towed.
    • Cars parked in any of our lots, including the garages, must be operational, including inflated tires and have current state issued license plate, up-to-date registration, and inspection stickers displayed (where appropriate).


Guest Parking

  • It is imperative that you notify all your Guests that they must enter the community through the front gate via the security booth to sign in and receive a guest parking permit.
  • Guests entering through the Easton Road entrance will be towed.
  • Guests parked on the property after 8:00 PM, must CLEARLY DISPLAY a valid Guest Parking Permit on the rear view mirror and must be parked in one of the Guest designated lots.
  • Any vehicle belonging to a Guest parked on the property after 8:00 PM not displaying a valid Guest Parking Permit or is parked in one of the Resident Only Parking Lot(s) will be towed at their own expense.

EZ Pass

  • ¬†Only registered Residents have EZ Pass.
  • The EZ Pass will activate the front gate at Route 309/Greenwood and the back gate located on Easton Road.
  • The gate at Easton Road is for Towers at Wyncote and Wyngate Residents ONLY. Therefore, you must have an EZ Pass to activate this gate.
  • If you do not have an EZ Pass or your EZ Pass is not working, please use the call box located at the back gate to call security for assistance or drive around to the front gate.
  • DO NOT MANUALLY LIFT THE ARM. Be advised, there are surveillance cameras monitoring this gate at all times. Any Resident and Guest observed manually lifting the arm will be TOWED from the property and fined a $500 fee for repairs to the gate.

Garage Parking

      • There are limited spaces in the garages located under Buildings 2 & 3.
      • To reserve a space, please contact the Management Office.